Garbha Sanskar ( Pregnancy Care)

The word Garbha Sanskar itself explains about itself which comprises of words Garbha and Sanskar (Sanskar is given to embryo) hence it is a unique programme explained in classics of Ayurveda, which is exclusively for the pregnant woman and her child in embryo. It is classified into three steps which are as follows-

Pre Conception – It is a first step prior to get pregnant in which complete body of both parents are detoxified by the help of Panchakarma for proper conception without any complication.

Conception period – When a woman become pregnant then for good development of embryo this step is taken in which
following works are done-

Mother is explained about normal pregnancy and probable circumstances during the pregnancy period.

Complete 9 month plan is introduced to mother in which every month wise diet and yoga are prescribed and Ayurvedic medicines are also prescribed if necessary.

All do’s and don’ts are explained.

Specific Mantras chanting and specific music are provided to hear for mother.

Post Delivery – In this step mother is prescribed Ayurvedic medicines and some other Ayurvedic procedures for getting
healthy and fine soon.


Benefits of Garbha Sanskar-

It is highly successful programme for getting healthy progeny with very good development of brain and strong immunity.

Complications free pregnancy period.

Maximum chances to get normal delivery without any complication.

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