Preventive Cardiology and Ayurveda

15 Jun Preventive Cardiology and Ayurveda


The lifestyle disorders like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidimia, and overweight / obesity associated with cardiovascular diseases are on the peak now a day. Cardiovascular disorders are the major cause of mortality representing about 30% of all deaths worldwide. In India, with rapid economic development and increasing urbanization of lifestyle in the past few decades, prevalence of these diseases has reached alarming proportions in the recent years.

The deaths in 80% patients of Cardiovascular Disorders worldwide occur in developing, low and middle-income countries. There is a strong need of prevention of these disorders and it is estimated that 90% of Cardiovascular Disorders are preventable, if preventive measures are taken in advance or before getting diseased.

Ayurveda works on two basic principles in which first one is prevention & Wellness, hence Ayurveda is best for prevention of these types of illnesses.

How Ayurveda can help in Prevention of Cardiovascular Disorders?

In Ayurveda various types of preventive measures are explained which are classified as follows- 

  1. Ahara (Diet) –
  • Following table shows the things one can use regularly in his/ her diet for prevention of Cardiovascular Disorders






Milk & Milk Prodcuts



Red gram

Amala (Phyllanthus emblica)


Cow Milk



Green Gram (Vigna radiata)

Plum (Ziziphus jujuba)

Alasi ((Linum usitatisimum))

Fresh Butter Milk after taking meals in afternoon

Black pepper


Chana/ Gram  (Cicer arietinum)


Dry Ginger

Old Rice (Harvested more than a Year)

Pomegranate (Punica granatum)



After knowing the essential diet for prevention, it is very necessary to know that what things in diet should be avoided. Hence following things should be avoided-

Maida, Noodles, Pasta, Junk Foods, Udada (Black Gram), Rajama, Chips, Cold Drinks.

(Alcohol, Tobacco Chewing and smoking should be strictly avoided completely)


  1. Vihar (Life style factors)-
    1. Should be followed is as follows-
      1. Daily exercises
      2. Yogasan
  • Parnayam
  1. Daily bath
  2. Optimum activity
  1. Should not be followed-
    1. Sleeping in the daytime/ afternoon
    2. Excessive eating
  • Enjoying the pleasure of continuous sitting
  1. Enjoying the pleasure of excessive sleeping


  1. Preventive Panchakarma-

In preventive cardiology Preventive Panchakarma plays an important role. One should take following Panchakarma therapies in the supervision of Qualified Panchakarma Post Graduate Physician only-

  1. Virechan Karma ( Purgation therapy)
  2. Basti Karma (Trans rectal administration of drugs)

If somebody is in very initials of Cardiovascular Disorders, can also get fully cured by using these steps.

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