I was suffering from Spondylolisthesis since long time and took treatments at several hospitals and also was advised for Surgery, but could not find remarkable relief. I had gone through a Panchakarma Therapy at Attice Ayurveda under Dr Rahul Singh Sisodia, I found very much relief in just 8 days. Now I am feeling up to 95% relief and almost fine and also not taking any medications since 4 months. I recommend Attice Ayurveda for everyone.

– Ram Sagar Sharma

Very nice experience at Attice Ayurveda for giving me the best result for Avascular Necrosis grade 4 (AVN) as I was suffering severe pain in my hip joint and was even unable to walk, and was treated with Basti therapy here for 15 days in two consecutive sittings. Now I am able to walk properly and my pain is almost reduced and MRI after taking treatments shows AVN grade 1. I am still taking oral medications for 3 months more. Best Ayurveda Hospital.

– Manish Gupta

I am 37 years old female; my both legs and arms were having dark black patches all over on it and I was very much fade up with the treatments of renowned Allopathic Dermatologists & trying it for several years but I had no change. Then I came to know about Attice Ayurveda Hospital based out in Gurugram, Haryana and I had been treated here by Panchakarma therapy and oral medications. I feel very happy to write this testimonial that I am completely fine now, my skin is all right with no patches on it, I feel very thankful to Dr. Rahul Singh for best ayurvedic treatment given to me. I recommend ayurvedic treatments to all people over allopathy and would suggest people like me to go for it in initial stage only rather than putting the case in the worst condition.

– Monika Bansal

I am feeling privileged to write about Preventive Cardiology Programme at Attice Ayurveda. Really it was vey good experience after taking cardiology therapy as my all heart issues are perfectly fine now. I want to suggest everyone to go for preventive cardiology therapy in the age of 35 onwards where heart problems start happening due to stressful and unhealthy lifestyle.

– Ranjeet Tiwari

Migraine headache could be disaster for anyone. I am a girl of 28 years old and was suffering from very severe migraine and every morning I used to have headache and feeling very uneasy and my work & life was completely affected. I undergone the Panchakarma Therapy at Attice Ayurveda. I have almost recovered from the pain and once in while I have it in couple of months. Genuine & Best Treatments available here.

– Swarnima Riccharia

My daughter who was treated by Dr. Rahul Singh Sisodia at Attice Ayurveda for Brain Tumour regularly for more than 8 months and tumour size is reduced and proposed surgery at AIIMS, New Delhi is cancelled.

– R. K. Jha

I am thankful to Attice Ayurveda Fertility plan as I was having very disturbed menstrual cycle with very painful period and was diagnosed PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) and after taking six-month long treatment, my menses are regular and pain-free now and also my ultrasound report reveals normal ovary.

– Sangeeta Shrivastava

I was diagnosed for Liver Cirrhosis 1 year back due to addiction for Alcohol and was suggested for Liver transplant. I got treated by Dr. Rahul Singh at Attice Ayurveda with Panchakarma Therapy and Ayurveda treatment for approximately 3 months, my condition recovered up to 80 % and there is no need for liver transplantation at all now. I found Attice Ayurvedic Hospitalbest in Delhi NCR .

– Deepak Kumar

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