Preventive Medicine

Prevention is considered always better than cure and hence we are practicing and developing the following Preventive Programmes

Todays disturbed and stressful life style is causing hormonal imbalances specially in females and results in menstrual problems such as like irregularity, painful menstruation, less bleeding, heavy bleeding etc., which ultimately are the root cause of infertility.

By the help of that programme these types of circumstances can be surely avoided.

In Ayurveda seasonal purification are described for the maintenance of health of human beings. In Vasant Ritu (March- April) Vaman (Emesis therapy), in Sharad Ritu (September- October) Virechan (Purgation) are advised. Hence by opting it, the maintenance of the wellness of human being can be sustained.

Strongly recommended for both male and female before getting married. This purification is done with the help of Panchakarma (purificatory procedure) by which rejuvenation is attained and it ultimately enhances the quality of married life and also useful for obtaining healthy progeny.

It is exclusively for the age group of 30-60 years old males and females for attaining very good health and look like young forever and improving the quality of life.

This preventive care progamme is exclusive for the wellness of eyes which are in higher chances to get eye disorders resulting diminished eye vision due to polluted atmosphere and more working on Computer Screens, Mobile Phones and Tablets. Recommended for children, young and elderly peoples.

It comes under preventive cardiology which comprises of therapies along with specific yoga for the inhibition of risk factors for heart diseases such as like coronary artery disease, Ischemic heart disease. In this programme heart failure preventive measures are also targeted.

Present era is very competitive era and no one has time for his / her health especially young generation working in different sectors and they even does not have regular and proper food and apart from that, everybody has work stress. The generation who is having that type of life styles is more prone to get Obese. Some recent researches concluded  that stress is also responsible for obesity. Keeping the wellness of young generation in mind this  programme is introduced which is definitely helpful for weight management, fitness and stress relief with the principles of Ayurveda.

Rapid environmental change is a very challenging issue in front of world and causing so many different types of diseases eg. Viral fever, Chikungunya, Common Cold & Cough etc. which can be easily seen in many persons during weather change and weak immunity is responsible for that type of illnesses. Hence, there is a need to enhance the immunity of every person and this programme is surely the strong wall against these illnesses by enhancement of immunity.

Looking good, handsome / beautiful is ever demanding desire of everyone since prehistoric era to till now. This programme is planned for the enhancement of skin tone which provides skin glow and also with Hair Care.

Disturbed dietary habits causing imbalances in minerals and vitamins and causing bone and muscle weak. In females before getting menopause and after getting menopause bones become fragile and pain in low back and in bones is very common. Vitamin D deficiency is very common which is ultimately responsible for bone weakness. Knee joint pain with joint degeneration is also very common and knee replacement is advised and to prevent all these conditions this preventive programme gives strength to bones and muscles, by which these types of circumstances can be positively avoided.

Kidney care is very important factor in the wellness of human being. This programme improves the urinary system by providing detoxification process to kidney and also provides to reduce the risk factors like kidney stones, acute renal failure, BPH etc.

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